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Learn exactly how to set a Target so it maximises your success while still being a challenge for your people.

Your success on goal setting starts before you start interacting with your team. Your conversation (including Setting Expectations and Follow Up) all play a key role in your communication success.

This page contains a library of resources to help you set rock solid Expectations. When done correctly this gets people performing exactly the way you want them to.

What is Communication

This in depth resource will show you exactly what communication is and what role it plays in growing any organisation or business.

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Goal Setting

Here’s where you’ll learn how to clearly and concisely explain exactly what it is you want and more.

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Bitesize Success

Learn how to breakdown your communication to get maximum potential out of your team. Step-by-step.

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Aids to Clarity

The right tools used at the right time make strong first impressions. This resource will show you the tried and tested techniques you can use to ensure people understand exactly what you want them to do, straight out the gate.

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Common Problems

Learning from the mistakes of others has got to be one of the most under used freebees there is to jump starting your communication skills. Learn the top mistakes to avoid in target setting here.

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WAGJLL – Examples

This realistic example will help you prepare better for your next difficult conversation. Mistakes to avoid are Illustrated in this example.

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