Be trained remotely by Mark Russell and Brendan Grace!

We are frequently running one hour training sessions by zoom or skype, these work very well for smaller groups such as 3-6 people. They can also be done for larger groups upto 30 people. Both are charged at the same rate.

These work great for remote working teams or for a workforce that works from different locations.

It’s just like we’re in the room, but you don’t have to travel and neither do we, so you’ll save time and money, and it makes multiple short sessions financially and logistically viable and easily manageable. We find multiple short sessions are the best way to learn.

You can sit around your meeting room with us on your TV screen, or you have the option to log in separately from home or from your various offices around the world while we chat and explain our training methods. We use easy to understand animations through screen sharing and ask you about your challenges and talk you through techniques and strategies. It’s pretty interactive, just like a training course. 

If you wanted to run this training for over 30 people we can do that too. We can’t hear everyone and answer everyone’s questions with larger groups, but we will explain the subject and answer any questions, this becomes more of a “talk” than a workshop, there’s less coaching but there’s still a huge benefit and of course this training is fantastic value for you!

We typically find that 1 hour sessions work the best, at intervals of a week apart. Although if you want a 2 or 3 hours session we can just run them one after the other with a tea break in-between. So for example you could have 10-11 then 11.15 to 12.15 and 13.30 to 14.30 for example.

You can pick and choose your training modules from this list:

Each course represents a 4 hour training session through Zoom/Skype/Teams. There is a breakdown of the content of these training courses.

Communication Techniques and Strategies When Managing a Remote Team

Topics covered :

Communication, How to be a good boss when you are communicating to your team, Time Management when working remotely.

Other points covered:

– Learn how to engage your people so they can thrive, using our simple communication process you’ll never have to guess if your team is fully engaged or not ever again

– What kind of communication is actually poison to the relationships you have with your people and what to do if you are affected by this problem.

– 5 tips for dealing with breakdowns in relationships (without making things worse then they already are) PLUS – Find out if honesty really is a good idea

– Learn exactly when you should adjust a deadline you’ve given someone to get the job done

– The important difference between a deadline and a failsafe and the right time to use these that is guaranteed to save you a ton of time when done correctly

– The best and worst ways to de-escalate conflicts in the workplace

– 2 early signs of potential conflict

– How to make faster decisions and when and how to communicate to your team

– The reason people get defensive and how to defend yourself verbally


Transition into Remote Working

Topics Covered:

Coaching skills, Delegating to a remote team member, Getting your team to respond faster to change.

Other Points Covered:


– The biggest mistake almost all Managers and Leaders make when trying to retrain someone

– The “right” and “wrong” way to get your team to respond to change faster. (great to use to coach newly appointed or up and coming managers, 99% of inexperienced leaders get this one wrong)  

– How much training to give your team, a simple formula to ensure you do not overload your team and waste your own time (getting this wrong costs your organisation a lot of money unnecessarily)

– Discover our babysteps training method

– The truth about expecting too much from your people and how to instruct people so it is impossible for them to fail

– How to empower your people to become self sufficient – including what kinds of strategies are okay to use, and which sayings work best

– The easy way to successful engage and motivate your team

– What it means when people say they do not understand and what you can do when this does happen

– What to do when someone cannot see they are doing something wrong

– What you need to know before attempting to get new people to perform as well as experienced employees

– Discover how to get even stubborn people to change what they are doing, without any confrontation or awkwardness – Even when they have been doing the same thing for years!

– What to do when people are not doing their job

– Why some leaders seem to naturally be respected and what you can do to get this as well

– The key to getting people to work without supervision


Leadership in a Virtual World

Topics Covered: 

Conflict management,  Giving Honest and reassuring feedback, How to be assertive but still listen.

Other Points Covered:

– How long you should wait until you give someone feedback

– What to say to give you to best chance for your colleague to speed up or improve

– 1 thing you must do when someone completes a task

– What to do if the task isn’t completed and what to do when the deadline has passed

– What you should do when someone thinks they are better than they really are

– The importance of proper feedback and why your team will not improve without it

–  Early warning signs the feedback you’ve given was too positive or too negative

– What to do if you are worried about freezing up, learn simple steps you can practice anywhere so you never worry about freezing up again

– Picking the right words to brighten up someones day when giving feedback (even when it is negative)

– Find out if it is a good to “handle” conflict by keeping silent

– How to get the truth for quiet or shy personalities (this actually works for anyone you think may be holding back what they are really thinking)

– The subtle but critical different between a “healthy” silence and a “toxic” silence

– What it means when someone doesn’t react well to the feedback you’ve given them

– Why people give you excuses for not completing tasks and what you can do about it

– What to do about people who do not improve – including when they are costing you or your company time and money!

– Discover how to give feedback, without it being awkward

– What to do when someone cannot see what they are doing wrong

– Powerful sayings you can use that guarantee to squash excuses

Cost :

The cost is £870 + VAT for a one hour session

and £640 + VAT /hr if you book more than one session

please do email us if you are interested: