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Mark Russell and Brendan Grace

If you like the people you work with, but your team’s results are not getting you where you want to be and you’re not sure what to do next…

Or, if you want to learn important management and leadership skills like how to be more assertive, how to manage difficult conversations, how to give effective feedback and lots more, explained in a simple and easy to understand format…

Or, if you’ve simply got a specific question about communication that you’ve been struggling to find the answer to…  Like how to improve your ability to influence others by creating a presence that people acknowledge…

…then this is the website for you!

Welcome to Curious!

 Curious Communicator is a training and leadership company who specialise in coaching people who manage teams of low paid, low skilled workers in fast-paced, competitive industries, where the ability to manage conversations and influence teams are the essential skills you need, if you want to succeed.

Businesses and organisations come to us when they realise the productivity of their teams is not as high as they would like, or their labour turnover is through the roof and they are wasting valuable time and resources in constantly replacing and retraining new staff.

We predominantly work with small and medium sized businesses who want to upskill their managers who are responsible for teams of people and need to deliver results in fast-paced, high intensity industries.

Managers who complete our training courses will be able to delegate work more quickly and effectively, hold their teams to account for the work they produce without having to be confrontational, and free up more of their time to be able to take on other, more profitable projects for the companies they work for.

We started our business in 2018 after many years of working for large, corporate businesses, including many FTSE 100 companies. During this time we realised there was a real need for quality training for managers who were responsible for large teams of people in low skilled jobs. Training that could be delivered in a simple and easy to understand format, and most importantly of all, training that was based in “real world” environments.


We built this website as a free resource for anyone who wants to level up their understanding of communication, management, and leadership techniques.

You can access a large selection of articles and blogs with real life examples that you can refer to as much or as little as you need to. This is the exact type of resource our managers could have done with when we were working in the corporate world, but it was never available, until now!

We hope you enjoy using this website. Feel free to leave a comment if you feel there is something, we can add to make it even more useful or more beneficial. Stay curious!