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Mark Russell

We’re VERY excited to announce the release of the all-new Communication Skills Hub.

What is it?

The Communication Skills hub is a free library of 30+ resources that cover everything you need to know about Communication Skills….including:

– How to motivate employees
– Assertiveness Training
– Active Listening
– Conflict resolution
– Dealing with difficult people

And much more.

In other words:

It’s a one stop shop for anyone looking to grow and develop their Communication Skills in 2019.

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Mark Russell

Today I’m going to show you a very effective set of principles and strategies for developing a growth mindset in 2019.


In fact, these are the exact same strategies and steps we have used to improve our own skills and as well as the skills of the people in our team and the difference it’s made has been huge.

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Mark Russell

One of the biggest buzzwords around in the workplace at the moment is Employee Engagement.

Want to learn how to drive your employee engagement through the roof?

Then you’re in the right place.

Because today we’re going to show you the exact Employee Engagement techniques we’ve used to retain the very best talent in our teams.

The best part?

All of these proven strategies are working GREAT in 2019.

Let’s do this!

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Mark Russell

This new guide will show you everything you need to know about succession planning.

First, we’ll show you real life succession planning failures and the top mistake people make in succession planning.

Then, we’ll help you identify the real advantages of succession planning.

Sound good? Let’s dive right in…

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Mark Russell

If you want the best Feedback tips and techniques in one place, then you’ll LOVE this (updated) guide.

We’ve personally tested and taught these and they will make a powerful addition to your feedback toolbox.

You can use any of the examples to find the best feedback methods for you.

Check it out.

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Mark Russell

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about leadership development.

Advanced strategies.

Cool leadership training tips and techniques.

And feedback examples that I’ve never shared anywhere else before.

Let’s get started…

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Mark Russell

Today you are going to learn EXACTLY how to the busiest people in the world Manage their time.

In fact:

This is the exact process we’ve used when working with organizations with 100’s of millions in sales and thousands of employees and we use it now to help us grow our business.

Let’s get started…

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Mark Russell

The need for quality Managers that can improve the productivity of teams is huge right now.

Ever wonder why so little time is spent on manager training in the workplace?

It’s scary to see people can sometimes spend years in the same job with little or no training on how to improve their management skills.

In this post you’re going to learn everything you need to know to get your management skills training on track and avoid the trap of being stuck in the same role for years and years.

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Mark Russell

There’s a Change Management Revolution.

New advances in science and the ability to share this information instantly through the internet has brought us a reality we’ve never seen before.

It is creating endless opportunities for those who can master the skill of change management…

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Mark Russell

Why is Empathy Important?

In short: Studies have shown those high in emotional intelligence are 4 times more likely to succeed then those low in emotional intelligence.

Empathy is a HUGE part of emotional intelligence.

In this post we’re going to show you EVERYTHING you need to know about empathy.

What empathy is.

Why it is so important.

And how it can help you improve your interactions with the people you work with.

Let’s dive right in.

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Mark Russell

Want to discover how to improve your people fast through coaching?

Keep reading…

A great way to maximise your team’s potential is through improving your coaching skills.

In this guide we are going to look at

-Management Coaching (beginners level coaching)

-Leadership coaching (intermediate level coaching)

-Executive Coaching (advanced level coaching)

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Mark Russell

Do you sometimes feel discouraged about the lack of employee motivation in your team?

An unmotivated employee or team is terrible for any business, they do the bare minimum and freak out at the idea of any additional responsibility.

Learn how to motivate your team so you don’t have to put up with all these unwanted behaviours, discover how to create a highly motivated team and avoid the headache of low staff motivation.

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Mark Russell

Modern leadership courses have helped to ensure no one can argue that organisations have “off the charts” productivity when compared to our ancestors.

Management and Leadership techniques have come a long way in the last few hundred years, and now you can learn what the best management courses and scientific management research has discovered.

Now there are management training courses that can give you that advantage.

In this management course we’ve cherry picked the best tips and techniques from all our management courses and put them into one article.

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Mark Russell

We’re going to talk about communication skills. Could improving you’re communication skills get you to the next level of success in your life?

How big a part of our lives is communication?

In this article you’ll discover something often overlooked about communication that will show you the communication problem nearly everyone is totally unaware of…

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