Want to discover how to improve your people fast through coaching?

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A great way to maximise your team’s potential is through improving your coaching skills.

 In this guide we are going to look at 

 Management Coaching (beginners level coaching)

 Leadership coaching (intermediate level coaching)

 Executive Coaching (advanced level coaching)

Management Coaching

What You’ll Learn

  • Real World Benefits of Coaching
  • How to Deliver Effective Coaching
  • The Magic Formula Coaching Process
  • Words to Avoid When Coaching
  • 5 Most Important Points For Successful Coaching
  • How to Know When it's the Right Time to Make Your Coaching More Challenging
  • 8 Things All Good Coaches Have in Common
  • Importance of Follow Up in Coaching
  • The Biggest Mistake Nearly All Coaches Make and How to Prevent it
  • Fastest Way to Improve Your Coaching Skills

Leadership Coaching

What You’ll Learn

  • 3 Unwanted Side Effect to Watch for When Setting Coaching Goals
  • How to Make Sure the Goals You Set Are Realistic
  • Benefits of Setting Realistic Goals
  • Importance of Being Transparent and How to Do This the Right Way
  • The Real Purpose of a Goal
  • 3 Coaching Principles That Separate Great Coaches From Everyone Else (These are Super Valuable)
  • The Rarely Known Negatives of Relying on Hard Work and How to Use This to Your Advantage
  • How to Rocognise When Someone Needs Help and What to Do

Executive Coaching

(Inc the Balance the Scale Method!)

What You’ll Learn

  • The Most Challenge Part of Coaching and How to Do it Well
  • How to Avoid Offending or Demotivating People When Coaching
  • The Balancing the Scale Feedback Method (This is awesome)
  • How to Build a Positive Coaching Relationship
  • 4 Negative Things to Watch For When People Receiving Feedback
  • How Honesty Can Be Negative and How to Ensure You Always Make it a Positive Experience
  • 2 Simple Reactions That Tell You When Things Are Going Wrong
  • 3 Feedback Examples You Can Use Today That Ensure People Understand You Want to Help Them
  • The Best Kept Secret Top Performing Coaches Use That Gives Them An Advantage Over Everyone Else
  • The One Thing Nobody Wants From a Coach